Tailless Cat Rescue
Tailless Cat Rescue
Dedicated to finding exceptional homes for exceptional cats
Specializing in Manx, but we'll accept Japanese or American Bobtails and Pixie-bobs
Liberty, NC
e-mail: taillesscatrescue@hotmail.com

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Grover Artwork, beautiful pet portraits!
SAFE Haven for Cats, A great cat rescue in Raleigh, all volunteer and they do it right!

Feral Cat Adoption and Placement

Adopt a Pet, A listing of adoptable pets, searchable by your area

Nearly Perfect Cat Litter - inexpensive clumping litter that works great!

Lost pets - resources if you have a pet that has become lost

Mouse Factory - great catnip toys, a favorite around here

Links to resources for pet loss and grief

Life with Cats - all things cat

Cammie's Path, goat and other farm animal rescue
cat cartoon