Tailless Cat Rescue
Tailless Cat Rescue
Dedicated to finding exceptional homes for exceptional cats
Specializing in Manx, but we'll accept Japanese or American Bobtails and Pixie-bobs
Liberty, NC
e-mail: taillesscatrescue@hotmail.com

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Sponsor A Pet
We have been asked to provide a sponsor a pet option.  Although we don't want to solicit for donations, we will offer 4 options on sponsoring our pets.

First:  You can sponsor up to half a cat's adoption fee to make him/her more likely to be adopted.

Second: You can provide funds to provide care (food, litter, toys, any medicines needed) for one of our cats until it is adopted.  If the cat is adopted before all the funds are spent, they will be transferred to another of our needy cats.

Third:  You can sponsor a spay ($50) or neuter ($35) for a non TCR cat to reduce the number of strays and hopefully reduce the number of cats needing rescue by TCR and other groups.

Fourth:  You can send us something off our Amazon wish list http://amzn.com/w/315CPIY3MISTK
TCR is classed by the IRS as a hobby, but Paypal has decided we must have a business account in order to accept donations.  Since the two can't be reconciled we don't accept Paypal.
Please e-mail for options.

Please note, we are too small to be a 501c3.  All funds will be used for the care of the cats or to reduce adoption fees, but donations are not tax deductible.